I’m a Rome-based visual artist, cinema and musical theatre’s author, multimedia educational developer.
In my journey as an artist, I have always been attracted to visual arts and storytelling. My desire to communicate and interact with the world has led me to work on transmedia projects: web, cinema, theater, photography, advertising, painting, and illustration.
I have worked with Italian Masters for theatrical comedies and short movies as the Film Adaptation of “Il fascino discreto della parola” by Maurizio Costanzo and the Musical Comedy “Facennece ‘e cunte” by Vito Caporale and the Baraonna.

My portraits and illustrations are published weekly on “La Voce di New York” a bilingual online newspaper that offers articles in Italian and English, representing an American media outlet for readers in Italy and worldwide. As such, it represents a publishing effort without precedent in Italian-language journalism.
In the past, I have been studying realism as a technique, but I felt that it did not belong to me, as I was not particularly eager to follow the “established” laws and norms, so I started experimenting with every available technique until I fell in love for the “one-line” art. My interest has been focusing on emotions. I want to bring out the inner “movements” of the characters, their feelings, uncertainty, jealousy, fear, anger, and passion.

The creative spark can arise from a song, or visual awe while walking through the streets of Rome or New York, as well as from an emotion, or a lived experience.
The “risk” and the “storytelling” represent the uniqueness of my style. I never know where the line’s speed takes me, a bit like watercolor, where the result could be crap or a masterpiece. My passion is to deconstruct complex three-dimensional objects into single continuous lines while maintaining their sense of depth and character. The scene’s figures are fast and intuitive lines that intersect and merge with the plot. The characters are “frozen in action.” They observe, communicate, or listen, contemplate, in a suspended time, the life that moves between the ink strokes; the figures become real, claiming shapes and colors in a “life concept”.

In this COVID-19 era, my digital paintings are a hymn to life and desires, love, art, and the awakening of beauty, after this pandemic’s terrible events.