New visual storyteller. Chapter 1 – What I like

I Always Look For Beauty In Everything, And I Never Give Up Just Because Someone Tells Me It Doesn’t Exist.

Antonella Martino Visual Storyteller

I’m a visual storyteller, multimedia educational developer, screenwriter, songwriter for cinema and musical theatre, children’s book author, cartoonist, and illustrator, dividing my personal and professional life between Rome and New York.

In recent years, my interest has focused on a type of illustration that is a political and social commentary in a provocative and personal way, with immediate, clear, and understandable language for everyone. I want to offer a public service for the Italian community in the United States and those interested in American news worldwide.

My illustrations and portraits of politicians are published daily on “La Voce di New York” a bi-lingual online newspaper that covers news in the USA and Italy. The site serves readers in Italy and the United States, and readers interested in Italian and American affairs located all over the world.

Since 2004 I have trained with some Masters of Cinema, such as Marco Bellocchio, Marco Muller, and Alberto Grifi. I worked with Italian Directors, collaborating on the screenplay for theatrical comedies and short films as the Film Adaptation of “Il fascino discreto della parola” (2012) by Maurizio Costanzo and “Madonna Lucrezia” (2004) with Alberto Grifi, Gianfranco Pannone, Babak Karimi.

Attracted by the visual arts and storytelling, I always wanted to communicate and interact with the world to work on transmedia projects: web, e-learning, cinema, theater, photography, painting, illustration, advertising, and visual journalism.
I’m one of the authors of the short film: “Projected” created during The 48 Hour Film Project Italy (2018) and the narrative book for children “Gigì le Coiffeur et la Maison de Beautè” (2013).

I won the LICC’s Official Selection Prize 2020 and the exposure in the virtual winners’ exhibition; the Honorable Mention, for “Wherever It Takes You, That’s Where You Have to Go” from IPA, International Photography Awards™ of New York in Nocturne Photography’s section (2018). My digital works won the selections for the AD ART SHOW 2020 and exhibited throughout September at the Oculus, Westfield World Trade Center‘s unique architectural complex in New York City; the same works sponsored by MVVO ART are for sale on
I have shown my artworks in selected group exhibits and are in private collections in the USA, Europe, and Italy.

The pandemic event brings me to experiment with a new approach to exhibit: “OPENING” explores the many ways we see ourselves, our surroundings, and our psychological state after a season of global lockdowns. This online exhibition features a wide selection of works by the international art community of the Art NXT Level. Curated by Sergio Gomez, “OPENING” is a VIRTUAL REALITY EXHIBITION from September 1 to October 31, 2021. Sponsored by Art NXT Level and ArtPlacer (click to view).

Immediacy” and “storytelling” are what better describe the uniqueness of my style. My research attempts to deconstruct complex three-dimensional objects into single continuous lines while maintaining their sense of depth and character. I investigate the inner dynamics to make them emerge from the characters I propose.  I revisited the single line technique drawing a single freehand realistic black primary line without lifting the pen off the page(like the theory envisages), and drawing added multiple single lines in different colors representing the “invisible.”
Thanks to experimentation with various media, my specialty is interaction, the coexistence of multiple ingredients in a perfect recipe for my artistic identity. I firmly believe that Innovation Comes From Cross-References.

I invite you to discover my work for collaborations, commissions, and if you would like to learn more about my art and how you can become my collector, please CLICK HERE to receive information.

Sincerely yours,